Industry Leadership Award

John Lacey - 2011 recipient

For more than 140 years, ranching in California has been the way of life for the Lacey Family. You could say a passion for the beef industry is in John’s blood, but it’s also evident from his career and accomplishments.

John operates several cow-calf, yearling and cattle-feeding enterprises. He is a past president of the California Cattlemen’s Association and the only person to serve as president of both the National Cattlemen’s Association (NCA) and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA). He also has served as chairman for the California Beef Council and is currently serving as chairman of the National Cattlemen’s Foundation. John also has been a committee and/or board member for numerous other organizations ranging from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to the National Livestock and Meat Board.

John’s leadership, insight and credibility among grass-roots producers were crucial as the NCA and National Livestock and Meat Board/Beef Industry Council merged into the NCBA in 1996. John also is a pioneer in beef merchandising, helping Harris Ranch Beef design its branded-beef program.

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