2019 Industry Leadership Award Recipient

Jim Odle

Superior Livestock Auction

A rancher turned auctioneer, Jim Odle was given a start in the auctioneering field by Claude Redman in 1962. Two years later, he purchased the Weld County Livestock Commission Company. This purchase was then sold, and he joined Brush Livestock Commission Company, which Jim bought in 1969 and sold in 1976. He also owned and operated Amarillo Livestock Auction in Amarillo, Texas from 1994 to 1996.

In 1972, Jim Odle and Chuck Cumberlin formed Odle Cumberlin Auctioneers and began conducting seasonal video cattle auctions. In 1986, he founded Odle Auctions and then merged with Amarillo Livestock Auction and Amarillo Livestock Video Auction to create Superior Livestock Auction. This move created a nationwide livestock market for America’s cattlemen.

Odle always kept Superior in the forefront, pioneering video cattle auctions via satellite and the internet once it became a viable tool. While in June of 2007, Jim and his partners sold Superior Livestock Auction, Jim has been asked to serve as General Manager and then as a management consultant until 2016.

Jim is also the founder, benefactor and the executive producer of “Cowboy Church TV” which nationally broadcasts Christian church services on RFD TV. During his illustrious career, Mr. Odle has been recognized by multiple organizations including other Hall of Fame designations, while serving on many notable boards.

Currently, Jim and his wife Ruth Ann reside on their ranch south of Brush, Colorado where they farm, run a cow-calf and feeder operation as well as raise quarter horses.