2022 Industry Leadership Award Recipient

Bill Pullen

ROTO-MIX Central City, NE

If you met Bill Pullen in his adolescence — an eager young man starting out on his father’s farm-feedlot in Central City, Nebraska — you’d be forgiven for not predicting the seismic impact he would eventually make in the farm innovation sector.

But his intrinsic knack for feeding markets, commitment to trust and integrity, and genuine ardency for his work were early indicators as to his career trajectory. He segued those qualities, plus the knowledge he attained on that farm-feedlot, into a partnership with Ben Neier that would ultimately establish ROTO-MIX, a global leader in feed mixers, delivery boxes and compost mixing.

In the 38 years since its founding, ROTO-MIX has won countless awards and spawned 120+ dealers in the U.S. and 35 international markets. This strong inventory of successes has shaped Bill into the high-performing cattle feeding powerhouse he is today. It has also earned him this well-deserved spot in the Cattle Feeders Hall of Fame, a recognition held only for those who not only meet but also exceed expectations in all they do.