Arturo Armendariz Distinguished Service Award

Hector Pacheco - 2012 recipient

Hector Pacheco has dedicated more than 60 years of hard work and exceptional loyalty to the cattle industry. After immigrating from Mexico as a young man, Hector worked for dairies, cow/calf operations and feedyards in the Imperial Valley of California. Since 1980, he’s been a part of the Meloland Cattle Co. team where he lives at the feedyard and serves as the cattle foreman.

At the age of 78, Hector still oversees the care and well-being of the cattle and his cowboy crew seven days a week. His sense of duty for the welfare of his cattle, crew and company sets him apart. Hector never makes an excuse and always sees a job through.

Hector passed down the pride for dedicated service, quality care and high standards to his son, who followed in his footsteps and works for the same feedyard.

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