2021 Arturo Armendariz Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Gaspar Martinez

Harris Feeding Company

Gaspar Martinez grew up on a small farm in Mexico, and was the 7th child of 11 siblings. Like most in those days Gaspar went to school up to the 6th grade and was very smart and eager to learn. Then at the age of 16, he traveled to the United States.

Gaspar’s long career at Harris Feeding Company began at the age of 17, when his brother “Grande” told his boss, then Feedlot Manager Ed Gill, that he knew of this “skinny little guy” who needed a job.

Over the years, Gaspar has performed many jobs at the Feedlot. He spent time in the feed mill, worked on the yard maintenance crew, and eventually moved into his current position overseeing both the processing and hospital crews. Perhaps one of Gaspar’s greatest gifts, is that of a teacher. Many a feedlot cowboy at Harris Feeding Company has been taught by Gaspar the art of working around cattle, and knowing how to identify an animal that is not feeling well and is in need of medical attention. Truth be told, when it comes to handling cattle, no one does it better than Gaspar. We at Harris Ranch are fortunate that Gaspar has passed that gift on to his son Candelario, who is following in his dad’s footsteps, and now supervises the cattle processing crew.

Gaspar comes to work every day with a smile on his face and with the enthusiasm of a new hire. You would never know that he has spent over 48 years with the company. Gaspar is loyal, dedicated, and hard working. He is a very quiet and humble man who is grateful for having had the opportunity to work with so many great leaders in the beef industry.