2019 Arturo Armendariz Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Jessie Ramirez

Brookover Feedyard Zacatecas, Mexico

Born and raised in El Saucillo, Zacatecas, Mexico; Jessie grew up on the family ranch with his 13 siblings. Even during his more formative years, he farmed and raised sheep as well as cattle with the family. He moved to Garden City, Kansas in 1971 and began working for Brookover Feedyard in August of 1983.

Dedicated, passionate and tenacious, Jessie Ramirez has spent his 36-year career in the spirit of faithful service. With a short stature and a big heart, Mr. Ramirez has built a reputation for running into the occupational fire when most would run the other way. This positive attitude and never-say-no approach to the job has earned him the moniker of “Little Big Man” from his admiring fellow employees.

Jessie has worked for one establishment — The Brookover Companies — his entire career. During that time, his skill in operating, and repairing equipment has brought him the respect of his peers. Mr. Ramirez’s work ethic, commitment and leadership through example combine to make Jessie the perfect model of what the Arturo Armendariz Service award is all about.