2021 Hall of Fame Inductee

Johnny Trotter

Bar-G Feedyard Hereford, TX

Raised in Hereford, Texas, Johnny Trotter is a true member of the cattle feeding community. Trotter has always posessed a strong passion for farming, ranching and horses, all of which became stepping stones that influenced his career.

Today, Trotter owns one of the country’s largest individually owned cattle feeding operations, Bar-G Feedyard. Located in Hereford, the feed yard has an occupancy of 125,000 head of cattle. Trotter also operates other business ventures including Livestock Investors, LTD, Quality Distillers Grain, XCL Feeders, Inc. and Trotter Farms located in Deaf Smith and Castro counties.

Outside of his business ventures Trotter is involved with American Quarter Horse Association, American Horse Council, International Feedlot Cowboy Association and Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association.

Trotter has contributed greatly to his Texas community and the cattle feeding industry as a whole. His generosity has provided many opportunities that have benefited countless people. From success in the agriculture industry and business ventures to philanthropic giving, Trotter has been a great asset to the Texas panhandle and the industry as a whole.