2025 Cattle Feeders Hall of Fame Nominee

Joe Morgan

Poky Feeders Scott City, KS

After graduating from lowa State University in 1973 with a degree in Animal Science, Joe Morgan began feeding cattle. He started managing his first feedyard in 1983, east of Omaha. In 1985 he moved to Garden City, KS, to manage Poky Feeders and started the growth of Poky, from its original capacity of 17,000 head to the current 103,000, 95% of which are customer cattle. Poky also partners on leased feedyards in Kansas and Nebraska and has extensive ranch holdings

Joe is a long time member of the Kansas Livestock Association and NCBA, serving on several committees over the years. He was a founding member, instrumental in starting US Premium Beef and has served on the USPB board since 2007, currently serving as Vice Chairman

In the late 1990’s, Poky diversified into the pork business, with a sow unit on site and production fed in lowa and Minnesota. Poky has also diversified into long term health care and memory facilities across the Midwest and other business interests

Joe Morgan is CEO of Poky, and his son, Grant, manages the company.