2025 Industry Leadership Award Nominee

John Matsushima

Colorado State University Fort Collins, CO

Dr. John Matsushima’s long, distinguished career in research and upper-level university education resulted in numerous findings advancing feedlot sciences.  Feed efficiency and positive weight gain in feedlot cattle was the goal of his studies.  Research into Aureomycin, (and later Tylosin), Synovex, Stilbestrol, Ralgro, Rumensin and Ronnel, led to the utilization of these products in feedlots that are still being used today.  

Pioneering the process of steam-flaking corn stands as a huge contribution to the cattle feeding industry.  He consulted with Harsh Hydraulics in building the first prototype mobile feed mixer.

As the creator and Superintendent of the Fed Beef Contest at Denver’s National Western Stock Show (1968-1984), he was able to help educate the public about what the final beef product looked like before it was packaged for sale.  In addition, he is a long-time contributor and sponsor of NWSS’s Catch-A-Calf contest.

Dr. Matsushima was a professor of Animal Nutrition at the University of Nebraska (1949-1960) and is a retired Emeritus from Colorado State University (1960-1992).

Dr. Matsushima is a charter member of NCBA, and has been recognized both nationally and internationally with numerous awards, among them:  Colorado Cattle Feeders Association “Top Choice” Award winner (1983); CSU Livestock Leader Award (2001), Colorado 4-H Hall of Fame (2010) and Colorado Agriculture Hall of Fame (2010) sponsored by the Colorado FFA.