Jeff Rudolph

Hi-Gain Feedlot Southeast Nebraska

Jeff Rudolph was raised on a row crop and livestock farm in southeast Nebraska. While growing up, Rudolph had a huge passion for the cattle industry and his thirst for knowledge of the business was clear. A feedlot internship in 1984 confirmed Rudolph’s desire to make a career of cattle feeding. That internship would later evolve into the feedlot management class at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln today.

Rudolph graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and participated in Block & Bridle, meats judging, and livestock judging. After receiving his degree in animal science in 1985, he accepted a position with Caprock Industries in Gruver, Texas as feedlot management trainee. In the first years of his career, he served in procurement, marketing, and superintendent positions at various feedyards in Kansas and Texas. In 1991, he was promoted to the management position of Caprock’s Gruver, Texas 30,000 head capacity feedyard.

In 1993, Rudolph was offered the opportunity to return to his home state of Nebraska. He accepted a feedlot management position for Hi-Gain Feedlot in Farnam, NE. He has served as President and General Manager of Hi-Gain, Cozad and Farnam, since 1996.  

While Hi-Gain primarily is a custom feedlot, they have conducted many research trials in collaboration with manufacturers, consultants, and university graduate students.  These large pen studies are widely respected throughout the industry. Also, in the spirit of giving back, Hi-Gain has provided internships over the years for many students.

Rudolph also started his own cow-calf operation alongside his family and enjoys working within all aspects of the beef industry. Throughout his career, he has enjoyed meeting cattlemen from all over the United States and is known for his customer service and integrity. He strives to improve the beef industry for future generations.

Committed to service and leadership, he is involved with the Dawson County Cattlemen, is a past president of Nebraska Cattlemen, past board member of the Nebraska FFA Foundation, and served on various NCBA committees. He is currently serving on the Nebraska Beef Council, Beef Promotion Operating Committee and Federation Board of Directors.