2017 Hall of Fame Inductee

Jeff Biegert

Midwest PMS Shickley, NE

From the small town of Shickley, Nebraska, Jeff Biegert was born into agriculture where he grew up under the Midwest motto of “hard work never killed anybody.” He attended Texas Christian University, majoring in business, and post-college worked in Houston helping to build a large chain of daycare centers.

In 1976, Jeff moved back to Nebraska where he started a liquid feed manufacturing and cattle-feeding company called Biegert Feeds. Now known as Midwest PMS, the business has grown into 10 manufacturing sites and employs over 150 people across Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Texas, Iowa and South Dakota. Jeff has owned extensive ranching properties throughout the Midwest and is a founding partner of Power Genetics, a seed stock company. He maintains ownership in Fort Kearney Feeders, a 58,000-head operation and North Platte Feeders, an 82,000-head operation.