2025 Cattle Feeders Hall of Fame Nominee

Alan Messinger

Southwest Feeders, LLC Hayes Center, NE

Born and raised in McCook, NE, Alan grew up on a farming and ranching operation raising cattle, corn and wheat with his father and brother.  Believing that in order to continue to grow and foresee the future of the cattle industry, the family entered the Feed Yard business in 1983.

Southwest Feeders, LLC was built as a partnership in 1983 and the feed yard became a family-owned operation in 1991.  Capacity has grown from 15,000 at the Hayes Center location, to three separate feed yards totaling a capacity of 50,000.  Also included in this operation are approximately 12 grow yards located throughout the United States, with a large network of clients ranging from West Virginia,  Kentucky, and Tennessee to Illinois, Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska.

Alan has sold cattle on the live market and continues to be one of the few left in the industry that continues to do so.  This often will set the market for others and is an important distinction that sets Southwest Feeders, LLC apart from others who sell on a contract basis.  

Alan and his wife Pamela have been married for 50 years and have three children who also work in the family operation in some capacity – Jennifer, Jolene, and Andrew.