Over the years, America's cattle feeders have played a key role in making the United States the world’s most efficient producer of safe, quality beef. The Cattle Feeders Hall of Fame was established in March 2009 to honor exceptional visionary men and women who have made lasting contributions to the cattle-feeding industry.

The purpose of the Cattle Feeders Hall of Fame is to celebrate the rich traditions of the cattle-feeding industry and recognize individuals who have devoted their careers to preserving its mission and improving production practices.


Although a five-member nomination committee will put forth the ballot of nominees each year, the inductees are ultimately the sentiments of the entire industry. Cattle feeders vote through cattlefeeders.org for two nominees they feel bring the most value and integrity to our industry.

The nomination committee is comprised of five industry leaders: Betty Jo Gigot, editor and publisher of CALF News; Dr. Del Miles, veterinarian and industry consultant; Bill Dicke, industry consultant; Chub Klein, industry veteran and Shawn Walter, industry consultant.

The Industry Leadership Award is decided by the cattle-feeding industry. Cattle feeders nominate men and women for the award and then vote on the finalists to select the annual recipient.

The Arturo Armendariz Distinguished Service Award nominations are submitted by feedyards and then the annual award recipient is chosen - based on their nomination letter - by cattle-feeding industry editors.

Founding Partners

Merck Animal Health, like the visionaries recognized through the Cattle Feeders Hall of Fame, is dedicated to the future of the cattle industry by being a resource cattle feeders can turn to for innovative solutions that add real value to the entire beef industry.

With ever-changing demands facing the beef industry, cattle feeders trust in Merck Animal Health and its broadest, most innovative portfolio of beef performance technologies.

While being poised for where the cattle business is going, Merck Animal Health also respects where it has been by honoring the industry's finest leaders through the Cattle Feeders Hall of Fame.

Osborn Barr | Paramore is the nation’s leading agriculture and rural marketing agency. Since opening its doors more than 30 years ago, OBP strives to be agriculture and rural America’s greatest advocate.

Members of OBP — many of whom grew up on farms or ranches and remain active on them today — have a devout passion for agriculture. This passion and understanding, combined with strategic communications expertise, helps strengthen brands and build relationships with a variety of clients. It’s OBP's privilege to pay tribute to those who have made lifelong contributions to the cattle industry.

Drovers was born out of the dedication to providing cattle feeders and producers with the news and information they need a on real-time basis.

Started by six southwest Kansas feed yards, Drovers has developed well-known tools such as the Daily CattleTrader Newsletter, the Cattle Analyzer, the Crib Sheet, the Cattle Traders Scorecard and the newly formed CattleTraderCenter.com. These publications ensure that decision makers will have all the information they need in an easy-to-use format.

Drovers is delighted to be a part of the Cattle Feeders Hall of Fame to honor the dedication of all those who have tirelessly worked to feed the world.

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