The entrepreneurial spirit of Robert “Bob” Rebholtz, Sr. led him to found a company committed to producing high-quality, branded food products through a well maintained beef cattle supply chain. But, it was Bob's ambition that led to the vast success of Agri Beef Co. and significant influence on the cattle-feeding community.

As founder, owner and chairman, Bob displayed exceptional vision and leadership. He created a company that includes livestock breeding and ranching, commercial feeding, nutritional solutions, and beef processing. Under his command, Agri Beef Co. gave considerable focus to promoting sustainability throughout all organizational entities. He was focused on providing quality products through every stage of production and upholding the highest regard for animal well-being, as well as his responsibility to his employees and communities in which Agri Beef Co. still operates.

Bob had a great appreciation for supporting his communities and local educational organizations, which highlights his true caring nature. He was recognized by numerous industry, scholarly and environmental organizations for his commitment and desire to continually advance organizations with which he was involved. One of those awards was from the University of California Davis, from which Bob received the Award of Distinction from the College of Agricultural and Environmental Science. The cattle-feeding industry honored him with the Texas Cattle Feeders Association's Feeders 500 Club in Recognition of Outstanding Support Beef-PAC. He also was recognized by Boise State University College of Business as a Partner in Higher Education. His standard of bettering his company's sustainability practices earned him the Environmental Protection Agency Award for Stewardship.

Robert also was very dedicated to the cattle industry and his community; he served on many committees such as the Chairman of the National Live Stock and Meat Board, Western Regional Council and the Beef Industry Council of the National Live Stock and Meat Board.

Bob's vision, determination and lifelong dedication to the livestock industry will continue to leave a lasting legacy.

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